Getting ready for the APIA Good Times Tour

Hey y’all

What a summer, it’s been beautiful! But boy oh boy did we have to deal with some serious humidity here in Sydney, am I right? I’m enjoying these warm days and cooler evenings a lot.

I was lucky enough to see both Ed Sheeran in concert and Bruno Mars. Talk about two totally different performers. They can both truly hold their own. There is nothing like seeing someone do their thing on stage and do it brilliantly – excuse me if I tend to go on but it still floats my boat to see exceptional live performances. I think that’s what the music and entertainment industries are all about, gotta love that.

I’ve been listening to a fine jazz singer called Gregory Porter. He has had several albums out over the years, the great thing about having a big CD collection is you can revisit what you have kept over the years. Put it away for awhile and pull it out and have a listen again. Music is good stuff y’all, can I get an Amen?

I’ve got a couple of weeks before the APIA tour across Australia kicks off which I’m really looking forward to doing with the guys. And we are all looking forward to catching up with you as we travel around the country performing our shows.

Ok that’s me for now…

Oh and if you get the chance, watch the new movie “The Shape of Water”. It’s quite an unusual film but if you feel like a movie night watch it and let me know what y’all think. Don’t forget the chocolate, make sure you share!

Hug somebody just because, laugh a lot and love just as much…

Much love Marcia

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