7 days until Christmas. Are you ready?

Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that my message finds you and all those that you love well and happy and getting into the holiday season. I’ve got my Christmas lights up and when the sun starts to go down I turn them on, sit in the dark and marvel at how beautiful they look. Many of my neighbours have them up and I love watching their decorations as well. I’ve been resting up and enjoying a wee bit of time off, doing big walks in the mornings and reading lots. I had the pleasure of going to see Sam Smith sing the other night, and, well, I can see why he’s so popular. He came across as such a humble, kind and grounded man and a very gifted singer. He talked openly about why he wrote his last album, and that was all due to a broken heart! (I’m feeling you boyfriend, I’m feeling you!)

One of the best things about being a singer/songwriter is venting – it’s extremely good to write down how you are feeling.  Write it out, put it away and look at it later on.  Wow!  Some of the things that you write kinda surprise you when you reflect on how deeply hurt certain relationships have made you. That’s what my song ‘Heartache’ is all about.  The most important thing to do is to know that you will get through it, and that love is real and we should all give it and get it back. I believe that’s one of the main elements that makes this world go round. So keep the faith y’all. Get up, dust yourself off, and start again.

Musically I’ve been listening to Russell Morris and his newest CD. He’s a friend of mine and it’s wonderful to see him doing so well. He’s a fine man and such a talented song writer and performer. I was actually saying to a friend of mine, who loves and buys tons of music monthly, that I’ve not heard anything that I’ve really been moved by except Adele’s newest work. She’s just so cool and her singing is so heartfelt. And she’s one of those women that will get better and better as time goes by. You go girl…

OK, that’s me for now. May Christmas be good to you and I hope that if you’ve got a present in mind that you wrote to Santa in time, or better still you dropped enough hints to hopefully get what you want (smile).

Stay safe and give and get as many hugs and possible. Give and get some kisses, eat, laugh and love when you can. (Who said chocolate? Hmmm??)

Much love…




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