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Where the heck has July gone?


Blog Post: Hello All!

I hope that my message finds all those around you well, firing on all four and enjoying life.

I have a question, where the heck has July gone?  Y’all feeling me?  I mean, wow – this month has been so full on, yet extremely enjoyable. When I’m busy I’m at my best. I’ve been working on a project that I’ll share with y’all when the times right and also touring my new show ‘Disco Inferno’.  It’s so good working live. It’s such a cool thing to see people out and about and sharing good times. The audiences have been so supportive, as well as dancing and enjoying themselves!

I was honoured to be a part of a huge concert that was held at the Town Hall here in Sydney for the victims of the Orlando bombing.  The artists on the bill all gave up their time to be a part of it and when a show gets put together like that – there is much love in the room.  I caught up with many people I’ve not seen for ages, backstage was a buzz. I’d like to thank Trevor Ashley and his creative team for doing such a grand job.  Also I’d like to thank y’all for all of the comments on the dress that I wore at the Town Hall concert. Lordy Lordy, I adore clothes – can I hear an amen!!

My birthday was on the 20th and I’d like to thank you all for so many heartfelt birthday wishes – life is good and getting better all the time.  There is one thing that I know and that is that I am surely loved by you all and I shall never take that for granted! Never!

Had a ball at Cinderella at the State Theatre on its closing night.  Caught up with the cast and our friend Craig Bennett – what a hoot.

I write this I am sitting looking out the window of my suite here in Melbourne’s Crown Casino.  My very favourite of places to stay when I’m away.  I’ve witnessed three seasons already.  Love me some Melbourne!! Take the best of care of each other – share the love, share the tears and share the hugs and if you happen to find any chocolate on your travels eat some and share it.

Much love.


7 days until Christmas. Are you ready?

Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that my message finds you and all those that you love well and happy and getting into the holiday season. I’ve got my Christmas lights up and when the sun starts to go down I turn them on, sit in the dark and marvel at how beautiful they look. Many of my neighbours have them up and I love watching their decorations as well. I’ve been resting up and enjoying a wee bit of time off, doing big walks in the mornings and reading lots. I had the pleasure of going to see Sam Smith sing the other night, and, well, I can see why he’s so popular. He came across as such a humble, kind and grounded man and a very gifted singer. He talked openly about why he wrote his last album, and that was all due to a broken heart! (I’m feeling you boyfriend, I’m feeling you!)

One of the best things about being a singer/songwriter is venting – it’s extremely good to write down how you are feeling.  Write it out, put it away and look at it later on.  Wow!  Some of the things that you write kinda surprise you when you reflect on how deeply hurt certain relationships have made you. That’s what my song ‘Heartache’ is all about.  The most important thing to do is to know that you will get through it, and that love is real and we should all give it and get it back. I believe that’s one of the main elements that makes this world go round. So keep the faith y’all. Get up, dust yourself off, and start again.

Musically I’ve been listening to Russell Morris and his newest CD. He’s a friend of mine and it’s wonderful to see him doing so well. He’s a fine man and such a talented song writer and performer. I was actually saying to a friend of mine, who loves and buys tons of music monthly, that I’ve not heard anything that I’ve really been moved by except Adele’s newest work. She’s just so cool and her singing is so heartfelt. And she’s one of those women that will get better and better as time goes by. You go girl…

OK, that’s me for now. May Christmas be good to you and I hope that if you’ve got a present in mind that you wrote to Santa in time, or better still you dropped enough hints to hopefully get what you want (smile).

Stay safe and give and get as many hugs and possible. Give and get some kisses, eat, laugh and love when you can. (Who said chocolate? Hmmm??)

Much love…



Final Week of Velvet at the Sydney Opera House + Two Marcia Hines Shows in Melbourne Next Week


Hello All.

Firstly my love and thoughts go out to all of the people in France and worldwide who are dealing with any loss and or injuries from the Paris bombings…. We are all thinking of you as we stand united.

I’m sitting in the dressing room getting ready to do one of our last shows at the Sydney Opera House, we close on Sunday night and it’s been a blast doing VELVET here in one of the most iconic “houses” in the world. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have come along to boogie down with us during the season. It seems like such a short time ago that we all first met up to put VELVET together! For those of you who missed it this year we will be touring it again in 2016 – stayed tuned as we will soon be announcing where to next!

Many of the cast are from Sydney and the other members are from the US, Scotland, Germany and England. I’m going to miss you guys and I’m sure that your families will be happy to spend the holiday season with all of you who have been missed.

It will be strange when the season wraps, but there won’t be any time to rest as I’m heading down to Melbourne next weekend to play a few gigs at Waterfront Port Melbourne and at Trak.

The thing that I’ve missed over the past few months whilst touring, is cooking up a storm and sharing it with y’all, hopefully I’ll be sharing some new recipes with you soon. Also I miss going out to the flower markets first thing in the mornings to say hi to all of the kind people I’ve met. I’m looking forward to doing some serious walking and a bit of training, not to mention catching up with some friends during my summer break.

Speaking of the holidays, can you believe that it’s just under five weeks before Christmas! I’ve not done any Christmas shopping as yet! I’ll put up my fairy lights at the end of the month as well as the wreath for my door. I so love Christmas. Whatever you are doing I hope that you are beginning to get into the spirit of the holidays. It’s kinda hard not to be if you’ve got kids around, they tend to continually remind you daily, too cute.

Musically, I’ve not had much time to listen to anything new but I did hear a couple of tracks from the Tina Arena CD, you go girl, you’ve always been one of my favourites! I hear that Nathaniel’s newest CD is slamming, so if you get a chance do check him out and let me know your thoughts.

My cousin Deeka passed away early this week and she shall be missed by us all. RIP.  Life is such a gift, love lots, laugh lots. Give and get as many hugs as humanly possible. Eat and share something delicious with a friend, I’m thinking chocolate perhaps…. Ok that’s me for now, much love… Peace

Sydney one minute, Brisbane the next


Blog Post: Hello All!

Yes, it’s been a while but do know that I’ve missed y’all. How is everyone? I hope that this new week has treated you well so far… We have been having a ball playing at the Brisbane Festival in the Powerhouse. Can’t believe we are almost at the end of the two week season. Y’all need to know we are so pleased with the response here in Brisbane, thanks to everyone who has come along! Some of the cast from Club Swizzle and Strictly Ballroom came to see our show the other day – it’s always good to have showbiz peeps in the house – they whooped and hollered just the way we like it.

Brendan and I had great day on Monday flying back to Sydney to do lots of media. We got to do an interview with the gorgeous Deborah Hutton on Foxtel, then we went to the ABC to film for RAGE. If you feel like a bit of breakfast disco on Saturday, tune into RAGE at about 8.30am for our disco themed episode!

I’ve been listening to my trusty iPod and loving some old school gospel music, Alvin Slaughter is a huge voice and I also adore a gospel singer called BeBe Winans, he’s such a soulful singer he does a slammin’ version of ‘Oh Happy Day’. That song was first done back in the day by the Edwin Hawkins Singers.

So it’s a big football weekend coming up – I’d like to take this opportunity to wish both teams all the very best, you both so deserve your places this weekend!

I’m about to start sending my mailing list these blog entries each week, which I hope they’ll be interested in reading. If you’d like me to send you my blog each week too, please click here to sign up.

OK that’s me for now. Have a great weekend, give lots and get as many hugs as you can. Love lots and smile at a stranger just because….you’ll make their day. Eat well and eat something delicious, and keep some chocolate close at hand.

I can’t wait to do our Opera House season I’m going to be expecting y’all to come along and party with us, and a big shout out the good people of Brisbane – come and be with us for our last weekend at the Powerhouse Theatre.

Much love…  Peace.

Back home, but not for long


Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that all is well in your world and with those you love and hold close.

It’s just wonderful to be back home! The flight back seemed to take forever, probably because I was so looking forward to returning! Edinburgh was such a cool city and doing the show there was fab. We all worked hard and the people there truly enjoyed VELVET.

On the way over I travelled with Joey Accaria, his wife Miss Leah and our director Craig. That, I must tell y’all, was a hoot. We slept, ate and laughed all the way. Coming home I travelled alone and it was kinda lonely without the guys, but I made it. When I walked into my place at 7.30am I breathed a huge sigh of relief, honestly there is no place like home.

This week I’ve been doing tons of publicity for VELVET, I’ve been working hard since I’ve been back, and there are a few other things to get done before next week when I’m off to Brisbane for our two-week season at the Brisbane Festival. And then we open in Sydney! We are all so excited about it and I’m hoping to see many of you at the show. Wear your disco gear and be ready to have a great night.

Musically I’ve been listening to Daft Punk. Gotta love Nile Rodgers, the father of the group Chic, and all his funky funky ideas. And also a bit of my lifetime crush, James Taylor. His Greatest Hits is just so soothing and I do and always will love that man’s voice.

OK, that’s me for now. Take good care of one another and know that you’ve been missed. Have a wonderful weekend and I hear it’s going to be warm. I’ll be down at The Rocks with Cameron Daddo for the Smooth Festival Of Chocolate (surprise surprise!). Come on down and say hi.

Eat lots love lots and give and get as many hugs as possible.

Much love. Peace.

Let me tell you about my secret crush


Blog Post: Hello All,

Firstly, I hope that this message finds you and yours well and happy. I have been listening to the radio in Sydney through streaming and it seems that you guys have been having some very different weather at home. Very warm days and now I believe that it’s raining like crazy! My Melbournian friend Paul sent me an email saying that they too were having some unseasonably warm days there! Ciel’s dad sent me a photo of the jasmine in his garden just about to open, so it sounds to me like spring has come a’knocking. I’m looking forward to some warm sunny days upon my return home.

We are now in our last week here in Edinburgh with VELVET and it’s been just great. The people here are so open, kind and warm. The audiences have been enjoying the show and that makes us all so proud. We come to work with a smile and leave the Spiegeltent each night after the show’s finished with even bigger smiles.

My roommates Stephen and Sophie have been a dream to live with. We sleep in, catch up for meals and have some great laughs watching a few things here and there on YouTube. They are such a sweet couple, I’ve truly lucked out having them as my roommates! Y’all don’t know this but I have always had a secret crush on David Caruso the guy that plays Horatio on NCIS Miami. Anyhow, I find out Sophie does too. We discovered our shared crush on him on her first night here, Stephen just rolled his eyes at us and walked away laughing.  During the week she and Stephen had a thank you card printed up with for me with a huge photo of Horatio on the front of the card in all his glory wearing those famous sun glasses! I opened the card and couldn’t stop laughing. It now has pride of place next to my bedside table here and I’m thinking I’ll have it framed once I get home. Too funny!

Musically I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey a lot – ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’. It’s one of the first CDs of hers that I ever bought. I like her voice a lot – such an amazing instrument and she was so sad when she recorded that album. I hope that she’s found happiness now – we all deserve that! As I’ve said, my trusty iPod is where I’m getting my music these days and good old Usher is rocking my world with his album ‘My Confessions’. Boy can that child dance, such a natural and there ain’t nothing like a man who can dance. Can I hear an amen ladies???

OK, that’s me for now. Take good care of one another and give and get lots of hugs and love like there’s no tomorrow!

Who said chocolate?

I miss you all. Much love and peace.

Back into Training


Blog Post: Hello All

Can you believe this Autumn weather we are having? The days are just so perfect. I began training down at Icebergs gym this week! My, I kinda forgot about how much muscles can hurt, but as they say no pain no gain!  My trainer, Andre, is da bomb and makes an amazing view for when you’re hurting! I got out of bed the morning after and it was hard to stand up, but I’ve been eating well and sleeping better than ever.

Got a nice walk in with an old friend and we spoiled ourselves with a lovely healthy luncheon afterwards. I’ve been playing a bit of piano of late and it’s nice to sit down at the keyboard and try and figure it all out.  I’ve cooked some healthy food as well and I’m still lovin’ my vegie soups – hearty and healthy.

Planning on having a very social weekend – dinner on Saturday, lunch with my friend Megs who’s going away for a while filming, and a birthday party on Sunday.

Music wise I’ve gone old school and I’ve been listening to Mary J Blidge. She’s such a soulful singer. I love the song ‘No More Drama’… Girlfriend has got much to say. New music has been kinda old school too – a guy by the name of Luke James. He’s smooth with a twist of funky.

A friend sent me some Tyler Perry DVDs that I can’t wait to watch. Tyler Perry’s character is a grandma called Madea.  If you get a chance check him out. He’s one of the big movie producers in the States. I’d like to wish all of the mothers and carers of children a very happy Mother’s Day. There’s no need to really say that because every day is Mother’s Day.

Have a wonderful weekend spoil somebody and let somebody spoil you. Eat lots laugh lots and love lots. OK that’s me for now. Much love. Peace.

Recording The ‘Music: Count Us In’ Song


Blog Post: Hello All

Firstly, my heartfelt sorrow goes out to all those who lost their lives, and loved ones in Nepal, as well as the parents and families of the young men whose lost their lives this week in Indonesia, may your sons rest in peace.

What a week it’s been here in Sydney. The rain went and then came back and it seems to be knocking once again, so I hope that you’ve all got something dry and enjoyable planned for the weekend.

I had the pleasure of working at 301 this week which is a studio that is one of the very best recording facilities here in Sydney. John Foreman and all the team and I went in to record the song that’s been written for Music: Count Us In which is called ‘Gold’. It was a joy to work with a group of seven young talented singers who made that song truly come to life. John is always so full of great ideas and he’s got a pair of the best ears in the business. One of our best guitarists, Rex Goh, also came along and mentored a young and up and coming guitarist towards his contribution for the track. I worked with Rex’s daughter, Emma, in VELVET and she is so much like her dad it’s incredible. Calm, talented and relaxed, topped off with a great sense of humour! We all worked hard to get the song sounding good and I can’t wait to get it out there to all of the schools that are going to participate in MCUI later this year.

I also worked on a project that is being put together for worldwide distribution that’s being piloted by Russell Crowe’s company ‘South Sydney Media’. It’s a great insight into women in the music business. It’s called ‘Like A Banshee’… that’s all I’m saying for now.

Musically I’ve been listening to Prince. He’s an artist that continually inspires and continually surprises. I’d so love to work with such a prolific and forward thinking musician. Billy Porter has an interesting album out called ‘On the Corner of Broadway and Soul’. A fine, fine singer and his rendition of ‘I am Telling you I ain’t Going Nowhere’ is awe inspiring.

I think my weekend will be spent cooking up a storm and enjoying eating some yummy foods. One of my dear friends is off to Hong Kong next week for work so I’ll go and hang with her over the weekend and share a laugh or two. OK that’s me for now. Have a wonderful weekend, share your love and laughter with those close to you. Eat lots of warm comfort foods. Question: Does that include chocolate? (smile).

Much love… Peace.

Feeling The Heat


Hello all,

How’s the week been treating you? It’s been mighty warm so I’ve been spending a bit of time appreciating the ocean breeze by the sea shore – there’s nothing like it. I’ve also enjoyed a couple of long walks in Centennial Park, somehow I never tire of that place. Back in the day I used to do some serious rollerblading there before enjoying a well-earned breakfast!

This week I’ve been doing a bit of publicity for ‘Velvet’. It’s been good fun talking to the journalists and hearing the enthusiasm of the anticipation for the World Premiere at the Adelaide Festival next month. It’s great to be working on something so new – and from the ground up. Our wonderful international ensemble cast brings all different flavours and we begin our rehearsals next Monday coming and I can’t wait!

The theme of ‘Velvet’ is discothèque and I’ve been listening to music from the era to get me in the groove. Apart from that, I’m really digging the newest song ‘Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars – he’s the bomb – and as cute as a button! There’s nothing like a dude that can dance, it’s great to see a performer who always takes it to the MAX! I’ll be totally watching his video for ‘Uptown Funk’ over and over to learn some of those mighty dance moves of his. Too cool!

Here’s to a wonderful and safe weekend shared by all, give lots of hugs and eat lots, laugh lots and spend some quality time with someone you love.

Much love – peace.

Happy New Year!

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Blog Post: Well hi there, how’s everyone? 

Here we are in a New Year as we get back into the swing of the holiday season being over for yet another year. I hope you all had a great Christmas with your loved ones. Was Santa good to you?  I love putting up my Christmas decorations – it’s the taking them down that I dislike – just like most of you I’m sure. Proud to say – I’ve put away everything very neatly for next year!

I hope that your New Year has begun with great zeal and happiness.  If you’ve made any New Year’s resolutions good luck with them – personally I try not to go there – but if you do, good luck with it and I’d so love to hear what they are.  So if you feel like sharing please do!!

I had a ball bringing in the New Year performing with Weather Permitting at Wests Leagues Club on NYE. Champagne was shared backstage, we all toasted one another and talked about the year that was. It was wonderful to meet the VIP guests before the show. We were also able to watch the fireworks from Sydney – what a cool evening!  By the time I drove back to Sydney and reflected on the evening it was about 5:30 am, so I climbed in bed and slept most of the first day of 2015 away. And boy did I need it! There was a party that I’d been invited to but there was no way I could have even budged from the comfort of my bed. Ah the sweetness of sleep!

With the launch of Velvet just over one month away, I’ve begun studying for the show, so consequently I’m not listening to much new music.  Although I am really liking a guy called Eric Roberson. His album is called ‘The Box’, very smooth and kinda old school. I do hope that all of you who live in Adelaide will come and check out the premier of Velvet at the Adelaide Fringe Festival – more information here:

That’s me for now y’all! Here’s to a wonderful year ahead filled with good health, good fun, good food, good love and good friends. Much love. Peace.

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