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Organized at last! Pleased to have my wardrobe back


Blog Post: Hello All,

Well another week has come and gone. I hope that all is well with you and all those you love.

My week started off slowly but it soon began to build momentum at an unexpected rate, having said that a busy week is a good week! As you all know I’ve been away from home for a few months performing in VELVET and consequently, my wardrobe has suffered in the sense, I’ve not been able to tackle tidying it – suitcases and all. Actually, I’ll put it like this, I’ve not wanted to do a big tidy because I really couldn’t be bothered! So, I was told about a lady called Bianca who has a company called “Mrs Packer” and that is exactly what she does. Bianca comes to your house and deals with things that you don’t want to know about. Bianca came over one morning and with her expertise we both reorganized my ENTIRE wardrobe!

All I’m saying is Ohhhhh yeah baby! Everything is where it should be and now it’s a pleasure to go into my wardrobe and actually find things! You can find Bianca’s details on the net if you’re interested. I know that guys always say that we have too many shoes, too many dresses, too many bits and pieces, but that’s just how we roll. Right ladies? Too many shoes? What an insult- is there such a thing???? I don’t think so.

As most of you would be aware I am a Type 1 Diabetic, I’ve been wearing an insulin pump for some years now made by a company called “Medtronic”. This week I was fitted with their newest pump by Lara, one of their consultants and I have to say it’s one of the most fascinating/clever machines I’ve ever come across. For my lifestyle and my work hours it really works for me. If you’re interested, go on the net and check it out, it’s well worth a look.

I was able to get a nice walk in with 2 friends this week, it was chilly buy invigorating, the days have been beautiful and I also got a chance to see the last night of VIVID. I mean, what a fantastic city we live in! Do I hear an Amen?

Ok, that’s me for now – stay warm, stay dry, and tell someone that you love them because you can. This week calls for some nice hardy soup, if you do make some please post it so I can see what y’all are cooking. Get and give as many hugs as possible and slip someone a piece of chocolate, they’ll appreciate it…..

Sending much love

It’s nice to be home


Hello All,

I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods, and the storms that we had over the weekend weren’t too harsh on you and yours. My feelings go out to all of you in Collaroy, Picton and those of you on the Northern Beaches as well as Tasmania. Mother Nature is the most wonderful thing but she definitely packs a punch when she needs to!

The guys and I were over in Perth on the weekend performing for a private birthday party, boy did we have a ball! Sadly, the fun always ends and we had to get up very early the next morning to make our flight home to Sydney. What an adventure that turned out to be! After an attempt or two to land in Sydney, the pilot informed us that we were now on our way to Canberra to re-fuel. After a few moans and eye rolls from all the passengers we landed in ACT to re-fuel and then we were off again towards home. Eventually… we landed in Sydney, safe and sound. I would like to thank all the pilots and all the cabin crew for keeping us calm and up to date with what was going on. Qantas were the bomb! I was lucky enough to be seated next to very nice man called Peter, he had been flying since Singapore and then on to New Zealand. He was such a nice person to be seated with, great sense of humour! Peter, I hope that your skiing trip with your sister turned out to be a blast (even if it was an adventure in itself just getting there)!!

Cameron Daddo and I got some serious filming done earlier in the week for Foxtel SMOOTH TV. He’s always such a pleasure to be around. Oh, and did I mention extremely easy on the eye. Love me some Cam J!

I’ve really been enjoying being home and catching up with friends and working on a few new projects. I’ll keep you posted as I go along. I’m probably watching far too much TV but absolutely loving it. Guilty pleasures are always the best!

I’ve been cooking a wee bit and just “being” – if that makes any sense? At the moment I’m really enjoying some nice calm classical music. It’s so beautifully atmospheric and non-intrusive, especially when you want to chill. It feels like home. It’s nice to be home.

Ok. That’s me for now. Lazy day, that’s me today alright. We all deserve one now and then.

Have a wonderful long weekend, stay safe, share some love and hugs and laughter with your family and friends and share a smile with a total stranger.

Stay warm, did someone say chocolate?

Much love.

Back home and back to work!


Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that your week has been good to you and good to all of those you love and hold close. Let me begin by saying, My Lord it’s good to be home! It’s lovely to have all my things, all my clothes, and not the ones that have been in my suitcase for 3 months. I have a proper wardrobe again! My music, my plants, my beautiful orchids that never cease to amaze me! My wonderful family, friends and kind neighbours. I LOVE being home!

The sun has been so warm and inviting and the nights have been perfect for sleeping in MY BED… 🙂

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been in rehearsals re-organising a new show. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s super exciting, by the time I get home I’m spent. The upside is at least I’m coming home to my own home and my own bed each day.

I’m missing the cast from VELVET terribly, they are such a lovely and caring group of people, I’m really proud to call them my VELVET Family. We plan to start touring again with VELVET in January 2017, until then I’ll be concentrating on my newest project Disco Inferno, which is also a super show – get ready to get those dancing shoes on people!

I caught up with Deni earlier in the week and we had coffee at the OVOLO in Woolloomooloo. The refurbishment is really cool. The foyer of the hotel is warm and inviting, the coffees and cakes were delicious, if you’re looking for somewhere nice to chill for a bit be sure to check it out.

My Goddaughter’s twin brothers Reef and Kai turned 3yrs old this week. Too cute, and just simply adorable! Happy Birthday Boys x

Musically I’ve been listening to one of my favourite singers called Gregory Porter. He has such a beautiful tone to his voice and his choice of subjects to write about never cease to amaze me. He’ll be on repeat for a while on my CD player. Yep, that’s how I roll.

The weather is delivering us that kind of weekend where some nice hot soup with some crusty bread would be the perfect thing to feast on.

Oh, that’s reminds me – have I ever mentioned that I’ve always thought that Manu Feildel is very easy to look at AND a good guy AND the man can cook! That’s a great combination! Call me old fashioned!!! Even more so now that he’s created that new MAGNUM chocolate toffee ice cream – what a guy!!!! Honey, hush!

OK, that is me for now, give and get as many hugs as possible, laugh and cry if you want to, even if somebody’s watching. Stay warm and tell someone that you love them.

Much love to y’all.


Marcia xx

Hello from Brisbane!


Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that my message finds you well and enjoying these cooler days. As I write this I am sitting on the balcony at the apartments that we are calling home for the next two weeks. The sun is shining and it’s not too hot, just right for double tasking – I just washed my hair and now I’m putting some words together for this blog to y’all.

Yesterday was spent in bed and occasionally getting up for something to eat, watching a couple of interesting documentaries and then going back to bed. Monday is our day of rest so that we can have the stamina to get through our eight-shows-a-week schedule. It’s been a very nice season here so far and I’d like to thank all of the people who continue to come along to see VELVET. My friend, the one and only Graeme Connors and his wife Lynn, came down from Mackay on Saturday night to be in the audience. We go way back, and till this day I consider him to be one of the most talented singer songwriters this country has produced!

We have 14 shows to go before we finish VELVET here in Brisbane. I’m really looking forward to getting back home and seeing Deni and all of my friends who I’ve missed terribly. But hey, that’s show biz. When time allows us all to catch up that’s precisely what we do and try to make up for lost time!!! Looking forward to some serious chats, luncheons, dinners, walks and just doing what we do.

The passing of Prince hit us all like a rolling bolder. To be honest it’s still a very hard one to grasp. He’d have to be one of my favourite male entertainers and there was just something so magic about how he continually re-invented himself. Always staying true to himself. He was beyond unbelievable live and I’m so pleased that I got to see so many of his shows. So, I’ve been revisiting his music and when I get home I’m planning on cranking up some serious Prince tunes on my stereo.

I caught up with Cameron Daddo while he was doing ‘The Sound of Music’ here in Brisbane. He’s such a sweetheart and I’m looking forward to doing some more Foxtel Smooth TV with him when time allows.

OK y’all that’s me for now. Take good care of one another and laugh and love as much as you can. Enjoy some good conversation and a nice long walk on a beach.

You’ll deserve some chocolate when you get back home.

Much love – peace.

And that’s a wrap! Next stop, Brisbane.


Blog Post: Hello All,

I hope that my message finds you and yours happy and enjoying these cooler days that are about to turn those warm summer nights into those nice cuddly winter nights. I have to say that the cast and I have had some stunning Melbourne weather since we’ve arrived. The days are warm and the evenings are mild. As always the shopping is fabulous and so is the restaurant life! Melbourne has such style and elegance… we have had a great time here. This will be our last weekend at the Malthouse. We now move on to Brisbane and we’re so looking forward to our season at QPAC. I hope that y’all come along to see us.

While I’ve been in Melbourne I got into Netflix. Wow! And I can tell you I’ve gotten into the TV show ‘Suits’. Thanks to Emma and Mel – two of the girls that are in VELVET said that I might like it and they were right. Mel is our wardrobe mistress and Emma does the beautiful aerial work in VELVET – and each night when I go into the theatre I chat about where I am in the series. It’s a great show and the styling is outta this world. Great clothes all around and of course great and interesting characters. So if you’re looking for something to watch I give ‘Suits’ a 10 outta 10. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and I’ve finished watching all of the seasons. Can’t wait for it to start up again.

OK that’s me for now. I hope that your Easter was restful and safe and shared with those you care for and love. We all ate mountain-loads of chocolate so as you’d imagine our dressing room was a mighty happy place.

Hug someone just because you can. Smile and laugh as much as possible. Because there’s no medicine like it. Much love.


VELVET hits Melbourne: I adore this city


Blog Post: Hello All!

I hope that my message finds you and all those that you love and care for happy and well. I know, I know, it’s been ages since my last blog – I’ve been working a lot and loving it. VELVET has wrapped up in Adelaide and I’d like to thank all the people who attended our sold out season – we couldn’t have done it without you. And thanks to all the people in the Garden of Unearthly Delights for feeding us and being so kind to us during our stay.

Last week the cast and I enjoyed a much appreciated week at our respective homes to catch up with family and friends, not to mention trying to juggle our suitcases, reason being we are in Melbourne first then Brisbane which equals lots of different clothes ‘cause if you know Melbourne you can get two to three seasons in one day and Queensland is usually warm around this time of the year – which equals what to wear? And even more importantly what to pack? I can hear you guys saying “Do women ever have enough clothes?” Let me answer that question – NO!

Moving right along, we are now all in Melbourne. I adore this city. It reminds me of my home town. As a matter of fact it’s the sister city to Boston so I feel very at home there. I’m hoping to be going back to Jamaica when the VELVET seasons wrap up later in the year with my cousin Michael, we have to look into a few things regarding our family and it will be a fabulous trip. I’m hoping that Deni will come along with us too and that in itself will be a hoot.

Because of the show I’ve been doing very little if any listening to new music. I’ve just been watching the Smooth TV music channel and enjoying the great film clips and music.

Easter is almost here, which happens to be one of my very favourite holidays, I betcha think it’s because of the chocolate Easter eggs, but that’s one of the many reasons why I enjoy it.

I’d like to take this time to thank all of the many fans who liked the post of Jon and myself from back in the day that we posted.  Very memorable and happy times shared indeed.

Well that’s me for now.  I hope to see you at VELVET – disco rules!  It’s a fun show to do and sing each night.  Please come along and have a boogie.

Easter = Chocolate

Much love. Peace.

VELVET: Back where it all began!


Blog Post: Hello All!

I hope that my message finds you and yours well, happy and enjoying these stunning summer days.  I’m sending this blog to y’all from Adelaide where the cast of Velvet and I will be residing for the next month.  We are back at the Adelaide Fringe Festival where it all began a year ago! I can’t tell y’all how very exciting it is to be back and back with a hit show! Who would have guessed a year ago when we were all putting the show together in Alexandria where the Velvet journey would take us all. We were all strangers to one another then and now we are a great big happy family.

Christmas came and went. NYE, which was a wonderful night, has come and gone, and a few days after 2016 began I was on a Qantas flight up to NYC. Wow! Talk about exciting… Sydney was warm and I’m gonna tell y’all that New York was what they were calling mild but to me it was freezing!!

I was able to do a wee bit of shopping when I arrived and caught up with my friends who reside there for a couple of dinners and lunches. Then I was off to Toronto to see my cousins.  I met the newest edition of our family – Andersen, what a guy, he’s 3 and just as cute as button. Now New York was cold but Canada does serious cold. I kept saying, “Geesh, it’s cold!” and my cousin Michael would remark what a mild winter’s day it was.

I got back to Manhattan and the cold really set in – we experienced one of the biggest snow storms that NYC has had for 30 years. My reason for travelling there was to appear at a ball called ‘G’Day USA’

and appear I did but my singing voice decided to go completely AWOL!  What a total bummer, although I was able to talk, just.  I spoke on stage to the many guests at the ball about my relationship with Australia and America. Julia Bishop was amongst the guests – I sat at her table and croaked my way through the evening and she’s a very gracious lady. Gordon Elliot was awarded for his many achievements in the USA and it was nice to catch up, it’s been years since I’ve seen him. I said to myself “Marcia, everything happens for a reason so suck it up and don’t complain”.

I took lots of photos with many Australians that are now living in NYC and we all talked about the differences between here and there.  It’s wonderful to see what a strong relationship we have with the States and to see people doing so well over there. As we were leaving the ball the snow began to fall, and all I’m saying is, it didn’t stop for at least a day and then some.  Our flights out were all cancelled, which was no surprise – when I woke up the next day the city was white with deep, deep snow. NYC NEVER stops but it did on that day.

Finally we were able to get a flight back to Sydney and I’m gonna tell y’all that it was nice to get home. I came down with a serious head cold, stayed in bed for at least a week and rested up. I’m pleased to say that I’m now back feeling 100 per cent.  Strange thing is you don’t realize how unwell you were till you get better. I’m sitting here in Adelaide writing this. Wow!

Happy Chinese year of the Monkey and may 2016 be kind to us all.

Have a wonderful weekend and hug somebody when they least expect it, laugh as much as possible. Love even harder than you ever have and help someone out just because. Get some trashy TV in ‘cause it’s a great excuse to devour some chocolate.

Much love, peace.

First blog of 2016: Hello from NYC!


Blog Post: Hello All.

How is the weather in Australia? There’s not much news regarding Australia on American TV, but the wee bits that I have found I’ve seen that there’s lots of rain. I’m in NYC and it’s cold as here, beautifully cold. Right now I’m sitting here at La Guardia airport getting ready to fly up to Canada to see my cousin Michael for a family and friends reunion tonight. I’m doing OK with the jet lag, trying to sleep when it’s dark and rise as soon as the sun is up. I went for a huge walk the other day, shopped for a few things and just generally did some sightseeing on foot. What a fascinating city. What I do love about being here is being just another face in the crowd although, as I was walking to Macy’s the other day someone called out my name and it was a fan from home. We had a giggle, she said that she’d read on Facebook that I was coming to NYC around the same time that she was and she had wondered if she would run into me and then Boom! – there I was. Life is funny, and always giving – just never stop believing.

I’m so pleased to be here and I’m planning on catching up with my buddy Hanan who plays guitar for Alicia Keys, and meeting his new wife Molly, as well as catching up with my friend Geordie. We are planning on taking in some music next week and fingers crossed we will get to see Woody Allen do his jazz spot that he does a couple of times a month as well as getting to a famous soul food restaurant in Harlem called ‘Sylvia’s’ – even Obama and Clinton go there. Yum.

Some new tunes… I’ve been listening to Babyface’s new album which is a nice mellow slow jam. It’s called ‘Return of the Tender Lover 1’. Aww yeah!

Take good care y’all. Get some hugs, lots of laughter and some of that dark mystical substance called chocolate.

Much love, peace.

My Christmas: Family, fun and festivities!


Hello all and happy New Year!

I hope that your festive season was filled with lots of family and old and new friends that you met along the way. Also here’s hoping the man in the red suit was good to you and yours. I had a very nice time shared with my daughter Deni and her hubby Daniel, as well as my eldest goddaughter Dixie and her ever so gorgeous 2-year old, Harrison. I spent Christmas Day with my second family we all ate and laughed and, as per usual each year after the feast, we talked for a while then proceeded to play a very long game of Trivial Pursuit, my partners and I cheating whenever possible. We lost the game but I gotta tell you it was great fun. We will win next year, I just know it…

I spent some time up at the northern beaches which is always a nice wee getaway. Lots was talked about and many stories were shared during my stay. I did a lot of baking and ran out to the flower markets for a big box of mangoes, which is my contribution to Christmas lunch each year. I got them on Christmas Eve and my car smelt so aromatic for days to come afterwards! Love the mango!!!

NYE was spent with some old friends. We went to dinner first and talked and ate before we walked up to the party that we were invited to. It brought back memories of Edinburgh where I walked to and from work every day. People do a lot of walking in that part of the world and I wish that it was like that here, every day and not just on New Year’s Eve. The fireworks were amazing as usual and we all ooh-ed and aah-ed while watching them. Our vantage point was truly something and we looked out at our city and all agreed that this is one of the most beautiful in the world.

I’m off to the States shortly to do a few things and I’ve also got to go to Canada to visit my cousins who live up that way. I will let you know more about this trip on my return. Till then, take the best of care, enjoy what’s left of your holidays, stay safe, laugh lots, love lots and let’s try and eat chocolate only when necessary.

May 2016 be a year filled with good health, peace, love and good things for us all.

Much love. Peace.

Ready for tonight’s gig


Blog Post: Hello all,

I’ve been in rehearsals with my bands over the last few days for a few gigs that we are doing in Melbourne over the weekend at Waterfront Port Melbourne and at Trak. As I write this to y’all we’ve just landed and it’s nowhere near as warm here as the day that I’ve just left in Sydney – it was 34 when we flew out this morning. The band and I are so looking forward to gigging, we’ve missed each other!  They never change and the love is real.  The fun shared in our rehearsal room was a blast.

The VELVET ensemble have now all parted ways and moved off to all the different destinations that we all call home. Missing you all already guys!  We had a nice party after the show on Sunday night and shared lots of laughs and a few tears.  We will be seeing one another again in February – can’t wait.

I’ve been spending most of this week resting and enjoying a little time to myself!!  I’m planning on going away for some time off and to do a bit of traveling to catch up with some friends.  This week I put up my Christmas decorations and that always brings a smile to my face! It’s just under a month before the big day, so make sure that y’all behave yourselves ‘cause he knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.

OK that’s me for now.  We’ve got to get to our accommodation and then to a sound check then to this evening’s gig. Now make sure that you get and give as many hugs as possible, eat lots of delicious things – chocolate always goes down well. Take good care of one another and laugh out loud when even possible.

Much love. Peace.

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