Easter Festivities In Wollongong!

Blog Post: Hello all, I hope that my message finds you, and those you love, happy and well.  I hope you’re recovering from your Easter egg comas!

The cast and crew of VELVET had an Easter egg hunt in the Spiegletent which was a lot of fun and were all hooting and hollering with glee.  I think that Tom found the most eggs though we shared them all along with the ones that were waiting for us in our dressing rooms.  I think that there’s something so special about never letting go of the child inside. 

Well, we’ve been in Wollongong for just over two weeks with another two weeks to go and we’ve had a great time.  Next we’re off to Canberra.  The time seems to be just flashing by with me in my stilettos each night on stage then the moon boot and a wee bit of physio daily.  All-in-all I’m doing what I’ve been told by Dr Fisher and my Achilles is getting better and better.  Phew, ‘cause this moon boot is a lot to carry about!  Not too long now …

One of the great things about performing in festivals is that we get to see some very talented people. Tim Rodgers (you’ll remember him from the band You Am I) performed in the tent the other night and he was so cool – talk about a great lyricist and he has such commanding stage presence as well!  Emma Pask, one of our great Jazz singers, also did a show earlier in the week and I’m telling you her voice is sublime.

Ok that’s me for now. Tell someone that cha love ‘em just because, hug some one that needs encouragement, because they’ll appreciate it.  And just for now let’s lay off the chocolate – just for a week or so – as it’ll taste even better with a wee break.  LOL. 

Sending you all much love.  Peace.  Marcia.

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