Goodbye Summer, You Will Be Missed

Hello all,

I hope that these last summer months have been kind to you and yours. And what an amazing summer it’s been. I’ve been enjoying just hanging out and spending lovely days with friends and family.
It’s been very nice waking up in my own place and being home for a change. Last year was so full on with the Velvet tour I was hardly here. Although that was enjoyable too…

I’ve attended some very good concerts and I also saw some great theatre. And shared some most memorable meals with friends that I’ve been able to hang with for a change.

One of the best things that I attended was the party that was thrown for the 40th celebration for Mardi Gras in which the one and only ‘Cher’ performed. Talk about wow!!!

That woman rocked da house.

Such a kind and commanding soul on stage. I was so happy that I got invited along to see her show – it was not to be missed!!!

It still blows me out to watch an entertainer who does what we do so well. Can I get an amen?

Ok… that’s me for now except to say that I’m looking forward to the APIA Good Times tour and the guys and I hope to see y’all at the shows, making some serious noise.

Hug somebody just because, laugh because it’s a wonderful feeling to be shared – speaking of sharing grab some chocolate and spend some quality time with a friend or someone you love.

Much love from



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