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  1. Sandra Adler says:

    Dear Marcia, wishing you a wonderful birthday today. I hope you were very spoilt and had a fantastic day. You are a beautiful and special lady who has given so much to Music and entertainment. You are one of our greatest Australian artists and you have given so much. Please keep doing the wonderful work that you do.
    Much love and best wishes,
    Sandra X

  2. MT says:

    Dear Marcia, your songs were a big part of my teenage years. I am so glad that you are still active and successful. One of your most inspiring songs was “From The Inside” and years later it is still relevant to my life. My Dad passed away when I was working outside Australia and I never saw him again, but I know he is still helping me and “From The Inside” expresses that.

    I am not sure who wrote that song (was it you or co-written by you?) but I do know that it is you, the singer, who makes that song what it is. Nobody else could have sung it as well as you and expressed so powerfully its emotion and message. Nobody’s version, including Cilla Black’s, comes near. Thank so much for all your music Marcia and may you keep doing what you’re doing for many years to come.

  3. Denis J Sullivan says:

    Hi Marcia … Have followed you right from your time in “Hair” and the days of Chuck Mckinney and the Hot City Bump Band!! You are as fantastic a singer as you ever were and we can’t wait to see Velvet when you are back in Boston on the Yarra!! You are also the best judge of talent that has ever been on Australian TV !! By the way I recently have purchased a copy of Matthew Garwood “The tattoed tenor”… do yourself a favor and have a listen!!! All The Best !

  4. Sherrie Compton says:

    Hi Marcia,
    Just got my ticket for your show at Revesby Workers in August, Thanks for coming back to the club so quickly. I know it will be, as usual, a great concert. Take care. See you on the night.

  5. Jennifer Barski says:

    Marcia, just want to say, my husband and I saw you in Velvet at the Opera House and we loved it sooooo much. I definitely want to see it second time around, and you know what? Don’t need no seat, ’cause I want to dance the whole show! We live in Newcastle and I see you have some shows coming up, going to get some tickets, because you are awesome and I love where you come from, physically, mentally and spiritually.

  6. Sandra Adler says:

    Hi Marcia, we had a fantastic night at VELVET last night in the Studio at The Sydney Opera House. What a unique and captivating show it was. It was a bit of a tease to put Your song YOU in there as it warmed up the audience for more of your songs but the whole show and the cast was wonderful and a great experience was had by all. Thanks so much,
    Love Sandra

  7. Rhonda Blackwell says:

    Well I’ve just spent the whole weekend pretending I sound great belting out my favourite Marcia Hits…. I gave up after next doors dog started conspicuously howling whilst I was doing this … Time to play the real deal one thinks, Ladies & Gentleman …….. Marcia Hines.

  8. Harvey says:

    Hey Marcia,

    It’s a cold dark early morning on the train to work in Melbourne. And my mood was matching the train ride, cold, dark and want for something.

    Hey I found it in your voice, been a lover of your music since the the start of the 1970’s and whenever I listen to your sing and tell story’s with your voice I instantly get a warm, calm and bright look in my head and heart.

    This message is simply to say thank you for being there and bringing me joy and happiness every time I listen.
    From the inside I wish you well.


  9. Nigel says:

    You are a music machine! I grew up with your music through the 70’s Miss Queen of Pop, mostly via Countdown. I moved to Sydney mid 90’s and first saw you perform at the Courthouse (I think). I have seen you perform in so many places since then, the Hunter (where you did one hell of a sexy performance of Sade’s No Ordinary Love), to RSL’s and everywhere in between. I’ve just listened to your new single Amazing and watched the video of you with Titanium. I’ll be buying that new album for sure. You ooze class, brilliance, inspiration and happiness and above all your voice is as good as, if not better than when I first fell in love with your sound. Even better I get to see you in my neighbourhood (and get a smile of acknowledgement every now and then) in our local supermarket. I always text my sister (pathetic I know) when I see you because she is just as big a fan. Keep on with the great stuff Ms Hines – we are loving it.

    • Nigel says:

      How embarrassment! Amazing was released in 2013?????? Why don’t we get to hear about these things? Now I’m signed up to get your news – I can’t miss the release of your next album.

  10. steven harding says:

    marcia , i share the same birthday as you 20th of july . i am younger than you ,being born in 1959. but have always been a great fan and admirer of your,s . i saw you perform in canberra many years ago and you were great. all the best for the rest of your incredible life.

  11. frances says:

    I sang as a child and have just singing again. It makes me happy. I just want to say you are my inspiration. I listen to your songs and sing along. I just adore you and have followed you all my life. You are loved by the nation and I am so glad you are still going strong. I cant wait to see you in concert. I have a happy day every day listening to your voice. Thankyou wonderful lady for your gift to us.

  12. Lucia Braithwaite says:

    I was nuts about your music whilst living in Oz, and when I left for my travels in 1976, your music came with me. I taped all your LP’s onto cassettes and lugged around a cassette player on my travels. I never thought to check on utube for your music, but there you are as amazing as ever. Thank you for songs like Fire and Rain which always tugs at my heartstrings, and nobody can give so much of oneself as you do in Shining.
    I wish you a prosperous and full 2015, good health, and a long life.
    Best wishes from the heart, Lucia from London

  13. Bruce Cologon says:

    Hey Marcia, I have your latest recording of ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on repeated loop. Amazingly beautiful version against just the piano. Best wishes for a happy silly season celebrated with you and yours. Lots of love as always 😀

  14. Susan Clarke says:

    Hello Marcia,
    It was lovely seeing you last night it brought back so many wonderful memories for me. May I take the time and jolt your memory back to 1978-79, Warrnambool Vic, and you received a bunch of flowers from a little boy while promoting your album “Oh Child” in the local music shop.
    I then seen you after the concert and had the luxury of Mona Lisa & Terry Young and your guitarist was Doug. I still have my programme.
    What a thrill it was for me as I had seen you in Superstar. One thing I will always remember that for some reason every time I seen you in a concert no matter where it was you always seem to remember me. I just would like to thank you for the beautiful songs all that have meaning to I guess everyone’s lives.
    You are truly Australia’s (we adopted you) most successful female artist but more importantly a lovely woman. Love the latest album “Amazing” Cause that is you! Take care and warm wishes for the festive season. Love to see and speak with you again.

  15. Sherrie Compton says:

    Congratulations Marcia on a wonderful show at Revesby Workers Club. You looked stunning. And it was great to hear you back by such a stunning band. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a show as much as this one. I thank you for answering my question on how you choose the songs you record. Thank you for all the wonderful music. I wish you all the very best for the coming year(s). May your life be rich with blessings, joy, love.

  16. Sherrie Compton says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your show at Revesby tonight. I’ve followed your music since your time in “Hair” and then “Jesus Christ Superstar”. It has been an amazing journey through the decades and I’m so pleased to see that you are still recording. The first time I ever saw you on stage was at the Paddington Town Hall way back in time (pre recording contract) and you blew me away with your powerful voice. Thank you for the music. It has been an absolute pleasure listening to you. I wish all the very best for the future. May your life be blessed in every way. Much love toy you and yours. Sherrie

  17. Eric Chilver says:

    Hello Marcia, had the pleasure of saying hi on Facebook tonight, thought I would drop by and say how much I enjoy your music and express my respect admiration for you as an artist and performer, I have been listening since the early 70s with a whole range of emotions. Fire and rain as one of many favorites, I look forward of things to come , Thanks Marcia hello

  18. Gigi Elam says:

    Dear Marcia

    I listen often to your cd and think of you and the good old time in Australia. I hope everything is fine with you, I would love to hear from you. Are you sometimes visiting Europe? I live next to Hamburg with Rainer, my husband since15 years and I am a grand ma…How is Danny doing?
    Lots of love

  19. Russell says:

    Hi Marcia, thanks for a great show at North Sydney leagues, still buzzing. I spoke to you about meeting Dani after a show in Cronulla in 2007, there was a little bit more to that story because Dani took the time to speak to me at a time when I had no self confidence it was great to be able then a future gigs to talk to people, this led to me helping fund a demo disk for a singer I met at a folk festival in 2008, I saw this a giving back to music which has given me so much joy and comfort over the years. In 2010 she played at my wedding and in 2011 I got to see her play at the opera house supporting Afro Celt Sound System, I don’t think any of this would have happened without Danis kindness. May peace and happiness fill your world, with much respect Russell

  20. Yetty and Peter says:

    Marcia you are still as Fantastic as your early days 1972 only better.
    Your incredible energy is fascinating!
    We saw you last night 25/10/14 at Norths Show.
    We thoroughly enjoyed every song.
    Great band as wellxxx

  21. Kate Farrar says:

    Hi Marcia,
    Was at souths juniors concert last night a fun night full of energy and the best music , One of the best concerts I’ve been to in a long while,
    Kate Farrar , tracy Vatano central coast NSW

  22. Gay Schroeder says:

    Yesterday I sat for an hour and a half at Stockland Rockhampton in order to see you sing, and was it worth it? HELL YES!!!!!!! I am a 58 year old Aussie who has always been in awe of your voice, but who has never been in a position to see you in concert. You have an incredible voice, and I am so blessed to have been there. My partner who is English and who has never before heard you,
    was flawed by the power and lyrical nature of your voice. We bought your CD yesterday and no doubt will wear it out. Thank you xx

  23. Frances Selkrig says:

    What an awesome show @The Capital theatre in Bendigo Sunday 24th August! you are still as beautiful as ever & so is that voice of yours!

    I last saw you @The Palms Crown casino back in 2005, so this show was long overdue!! Keep up your great talent & thanks for your Q & A segment!!

  24. Sandie says:

    Had the AMAZING privilige of seeing your show at The Frankston Cultural Centre. Your are “soul food” epitomised hunny. I can describe your band in 3 words – HOT HOT HOT and you in 2…. HUBBA HUBBA ;o) An incredible experience not to be missed……. wishing you megaheaps of love and light, Sandie. PS. Your new album is gorgeous like you. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t sleep until late Friday!!!

  25. Jim Heffernan says:

    Hi Macia, thought I saw you were performing at a location in Perth this month, I am travelling Australia from Tasmania and would love to catch a show.
    Like others I first saw you in ‘Hair’ in Melbourne, we were both younger then ! I also went to one of your shows at the casino in Hobart many years ago, I was lucky enough to be at a bar across the road after the show when you walked in. I plucked up enough courage and asked for a dance and you politely had to refuse, have followed your carrier since.

  26. Grant McKerrow says:

    I went to your show last night in Bendigo. You were amazing your voice is incredible it has only gotten better if thats even possible.i lost my mum recently and as always your songs were there to get me through.thank you so much for the opportunity of a photo you are so gracious and giving of your time you made me feel very special (I was wearing the turquoise cross that you commented on ) thank you again for 40 odd years of amazing .regards .G

  27. Alex says:

    Hi Marcia, saw you at Crown Palms last night. I am 57I grew up listening to your music and seeing you live fulfilled one of my ambitions. The show exceeded all of my expectations by miles—sensational

  28. Dino says:

    It was an absolute pleasure to see your show at Slide on Tuesday, you were fantastic. I have seen you live several times over many years, and this was your best performance. You’ve always seemed to be a strong woman to me, but on Tuesday you demonstrated what appeared to be a newly-found confidence, charisma, and enjoyment in your work that flowed out into the whole audience. It was thrilling to see. Your new songs on the ‘Amazing’ album are so refreshing, and I love the various styles from the ballads to the up tempo tracks. There is also a beautiful richness and honesty in your voice on this album (and tour) that is really evident, and I’m sure that all of your fans would agree with me in saying ‘Don’t stop – we want more!’. I think that you should be pushing for ‘Let Love Flow’ to be the 2015 Official Mardi Gras theme song – it’s perfect for it! Thank you also for signing my CD, you are a National Treasure. X

  29. Sandra Adler says:

    The Slide Lounge in Darlinghurst went off !! last night !! Mm Mm, Marcia was truly “Amazing” and turned on a fabulous night for everyone lucky enough to be there. Thank you Marcia for another wonderful concert and thank you for over 40 years of service to the music industry to which you have given so much. Love you heaps and love the new album, can’t wait for the next one.

    Much love Sandra x

  30. Dave Saffell says:

    Saw you at Blacktown Westfield last week, I can’t believe how so very kind the years have been to you. You still look and sound fantastic. The Amazing album is excellent.. It was truly great to see and hear you again.

  31. Josefa says:

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  32. Karen from Sunnybank says:

    went to show at Kedron Wavell s.c. fantastic better than ever. really liked the Q&A section how she came and shared herself with the audience.

    I first seen Marcia at the Whispers nightclub in Fortitude Valley 40 years ago with Jon English.

    she sounds better than ever. thanks for a wonderful day out. xxx

  33. Thomas & Carol McConnell says:

    Last night at Twin Towns I saw you for the fifth time …and I took my Wife along. We saw you
    in the Dining room prior to the Show and my Wife was amazed at young you looked.
    The show was out of this world. Professional from start to finsih. And then you took time to
    sign my Wifes CD. And then to top it all off you were in the dining room again enjoying Breakfast.
    I said to my Wife ….you wouldn’t get many Diva’s doing that……and that is why your AMAZING..

    Love Tom and Carol

  34. Dianne Heane says:

    Hi Marcia, loved your show last night at Twin Towns. You are really living up to the name of the new album ‘amazing’.
    We have not stopped talking about it. We are playing the CD while driving to Brisbane. As the years go by, you just get better and better. A true professional, who knows how to entertain an audience. Your energy is contagious. Love Di.
    Thanks for staying to sign the CDs. Xxxx

  35. Brain says:

    I was one of the lucky ones who first heard Marcia sing in Hair in Sydney. A stunning voice and now (just a few years later) heard her again last night at TwinTowns and, you know what? Marcia sounds even better.
    A remarkable lady. Thank you for so much listening and entertaing pleasure over the years.

  36. Brian McCann aka AussieRockman says:

    Always enjoy your recorded works Marcia and so does my wife. Your early work with John English was fantastic. I enjoyed your album Tapestry as I’m a Carol King fan. “Amazing” is simply that. Happy Birthday for July 20th Marcia from my wife and I. Enjoy your 61st birthday bash with Deni.
    My page, https://google.com/+AussieRockman5540/ Brian:)

  37. Lois says:

    Hi marcia, i saw you on tour in the late 1970’s when you toured and came to Mildura. You were fantastic then and are still fantastic. An inspiration to older women that you can still pursue things that life does gevin at 50 or 60.

  38. David Rector says:

    Dear Marcia, i am most excited about the imminent release of ‘Amazing’. i have pre-ordered my copy and ready to be delighted by another Marcia treasure trove. I have pulled out my other cds and vinyl rarities. I can’t believe it is nearly 40 years since I first connected with your music. I still am moved by ‘From the inside’ – for me, your greatest vocal. I also turn to your wonderful book when i need some inspiration or solace. It is such a joy to spin your recordings and to reflect on your presence in our landscape and culture. Long may you shine, Marcia.

  39. Marcial Luis Garchitorena says:

    Marcia, you’re a tough act to follow. Living your dream and making it so real Down Under and anywhere on the planet you perform, you are a star, a role model, and a living inspiration to migrants like me. Continuing good health, happiness, success and prosperity in 2014 and beyond!
    Best always!

  40. Robert Rigby says:

    Hello Marcia,

    I guess this is a little irregular for me to write you a message on your website but I thought your fans might like to hear what I have to say about your new album. Amazing is a brilliant new album with songs that are going to blow people away. I heard the final track Friday completing the album “Let Love Flow” and I am so chuffed. It will have everyone up dancing and make them feel very happy. All of us at your record label are so excited to hear that track and how complete it makes the new album. I love the fact that there are so many styles you have written on Amazing. How clever are you girlfriend to write so many wonderful songs!? You and I go a long way back to the early nineties and its so exciting to be working with you again.
    For all your music admirers out there…… This new album is…. Marcia like you have never heard her before ! Prepare yourself, she sounds amazing !

    regards Robert Rigby, CEO, Ambition Music Group, Sydney.,

  41. Mick R says:

    I live in England and am a big Marcia fan. I was in Australia for six months in1977/78 and picked up a vinyl copy of Marcia Shines. I love that album but by now, as you can imagine, it is a bit scratched and timeworn. I cannot however find anywhere in England or on-line to buy a CD copy of that album. Was one ever made and if so how can I get hold of it? many thanks for any help you can give me.

  42. Tim Mitchell says:

    Today I was feeling blue and a bit sorry for myself………put on your music and all of a sudden i feel better, I’m sure your soul leeks out through your music! I have always been and will always be a huge fan of your extreme talent. I have ended my day with “Many Rivers to Cross” . One day I will meet you and tell you just how much your music has been a part of my life. Lots of love from an old boy who’s favourite sentence has always been….ladies and Gentlemen, Marcia Hines.

  43. Paul S, Manly Q 4179 says:

    You are too amazing baby! I have had the pleasure of growing up “with” you. Your beautiful voice, music, passion and dedication to your craft has been inspiring, and has seen me through many highs and lows in my life. Your voice has always been there for me. God gave us Marcia!!!!!

    • Annette says:

      Paul thank you for taking me to see Marcia on her Amazing Tour. I had no idea how much I would love every single performance. Marcia you were AMAZING!

  44. Margie Weyland says:

    Hi Marcia 🙂

    Firstly a huge Thank You for your invitation to join your mailing list, and the Silent Night download. I was thrilled at receiving it.
    I have been a long time fan, since the 70s, and danced to your wonderful songs.
    One of my all time favourites you’ve sung is “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” and yes I loved Dusty Springfield too 🙂

    I was enthralled by the stage production “Long Way To The Top” with all our favourite artists, as yourself, and Normie Rowe, and countless others. You rocked the stage and I loooved your outfit. You still look amazing and it’s wonderful to see new album in the workings.

    I wish you A Very Blessed, Safe, Merry Christmas and A Bright, Wonderfully Happy New Year 2014. God Bless You


  45. Leanne M Wade says:

    I look forward to hearing your new album. I love Diva…♥ Silent night Marcia is truly beautiful ♡ Thank you for this lovely gift.

  46. Sandra Ambrose says:

    Dear Marcia
    What a lovely surprise today to receive your Xmas email loaded with love and good wishes and the exciting news that you have a new album ‘Amazing’ on the way which we all are very much looking forward to. I am hoping that lots of live shows may happen this coming year for you also. Thank you so much for sending this through to all your fans and sharing all the news with everyone. Wishing you health and happiness for Xmas and the new year. Thank you for the joy and inspiration that you have brought to me over the years during your long and wonderful career.
    Much love to you.

    Sandra x

  47. Michael R says:

    Congratulations Marcia on the new look web site. Its everything we need to keep up to date with your goings on.
    Love the song Silent Night that youve recorded especially for your fans. Hope you have a happy and safe Christmas and already 2014 looks set to be a busy one. God Bless love Michael R

    • Bruce Cologon says:

      Michael R, I totally agree with you, the website is Amazing! So looking forward to Marcia’s new album with her original songs. Happy New Year to you and Marcia and your fans. Hugs from Bruce, Catrina & the kids xo

  48. Troy says:

    Many thx for a great show last nite at Dooleys Lidcombe I believe you are still one of Australia’s finest artist I’m a flight attendant and you were the first major star I ever served on a flight when I first started in the industry I still today tell people how wonderfully gracious , grounded and beautiful you were. I believe you are true to your fans and share your love and compassion through your performances. I enjoyed every moment of your show last nite it was a small and intimate venue and everyone felt connected Just as I thought your performance couldn’t get better you where kind enough to help celebrate my birthday by allowing me to join you on stage and have a photo op and a birthday wish. You made my day.
    Thank you Ms Hines God bless

  49. Karen from Brisbane says:

    Dear Marcia, You are the epitome of one classy lady. Thank you for being a quality example that our young females of the world can look towards.

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