Hello from Canberra, VELVET is in town ?

Blog Post: Hello all, I hope that my message finds you and all those you love and hold dear happy and well.

We are now in Canberra after finishing up what was a huge week. We drove down from Wollongong, had a day off, did tech runs for a couple of days, had a preview show and then BOOM – we were into our opening night of VELVET and what a night it was – Canberra welcomed us with open arms. Thank you to everyone from the nation’s capital who came to see the show, the season here so far has been wonderful. This photo is from our show at Canberra Theatre Centre on Sunday evening – I took this about 5 minutes before going on stage for the last of our shows for the week.

Thankfully, it’s my day off tomorrow – ah sleep, life’s sweet elixir !!!

Go hug somebody just because, kiss someone because it’s a nice thing to do. And let’s lay off the chocolate for just one more week. Sending much love to y’all as always. Peace, Marcia.

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