Hello from New Zealand!

Blog Post: Hello from Christchurch y’all.

I’m really enjoying this beautifully resilient and art-filled city. I lived here many, many years ago, in a house on the River Avon when I was touring with Harry M Miller’s version of the stage show “Hair”. Harry insisted that we travel by bus around the country as we were doing the North and South Islands and New Zealand is still one of the most beautifully scenic places that I’ve had the pleasure to visit. 

Our visit to New Zealand means we’re coming to the end of the VELVET season, and what a ride it’s been. It’s been such a good and strong ensemble and we’ve become family and the cast and crew will remain forever in my heart. From Christchurch, we head to Auckland on 21 September through until 1 October and then back home to our family and friends.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’d like to thank y’all for the love and support that you’ve all shown us where ever we’ve gone. 

We’ve met so many amazing people, and I had the honor of meeting Lady and Sir Bob Parker the other night.  What a special and kind couple. 

I’m sitting back stage at the moment listening to a show called “Starman” it sounds so great. Bowie’s music lives! Geesh did I have a crush on him or what? What a clever and talented artist he was. I miss him terribly.

Take good care of one another please, laugh out loud ‘cause ya can, kiss and cuddle ‘cause it feels good. And if someone is game enough to show you kindness, give some right back ‘cause it feels great! And share some chocolate – ohh yeah!!!

See y’all around the ‘hood soon or at one of my many gigs coming up, including Cruise N Groove which sets sail for the South Pacific in October and A Day on the Green which tours Australia in December!

Sending much love from “over the ditch”.

Peace, Marcia

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