I’m back in Newcastle with VELVET! ?

Blog Post: Hey y’all,

I hope that my message finds you and all those you love happy, well and enjoying this cooler (and wetter) weather.  We’ve now moved on to Newcastle and boy did we have some fun driving up from Canberra – Joey drove whilst Tom and I amused him by trying to work out the Bluetooth system in the car. We talked, played some good music and laughed all the way here with only one stop for food and petrol.  There was a lot of early morning fog as we left Canberra and WOW, the countryside really did look enchanting.

We opened in Newcastle on the 18th and we’re having a ball – the audiences are loving the show which is always a plus. And it’s nice to be back up here, catching up with some old friends.  I’ve just spoken to one of my old neighbours, Janelle, who was always so good and kind to me when I lived up here. We used to spend Christmas Day with her and her husband, Jeff, and all the family. I’ve also seen a couple of other people that I used to hang out with. It’s so good to catch-up after all this time. It’s been quite a few years.

My poor foot is getting better everyday. As I sit here I’m icing it and it’s just one of the 2 to 3 times I have to ice it each day. You gotta do what ya gotta do, but boy is it helping!

Enjoy these cooler evenings, cuddle up because you can and kiss some one that you adore, just because.

It’s now time for some serious chocolate catch up – ENJOY!

Hope to see you at one of our shows here in Newcastle. 

Much love to y’all.  Peace, Marcia

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