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Blog Post: Hello All!

I hope things are good with you and yours, and that the warmer weather is finding you out and about during the weekends and whenever you are able to enjoy more of this stunning Spring weather!  The nights are still delicious enough to sleep comfortably which is a plus.  We recently went over to Perth for a great gig for ‘Lexus’ as well as making an appearance on the famous Telethon that’s held over there each year. They get an amazing amount of celebrities to attend and you never know who you’ll bump into in the corridors of Channel 7!

At this point in time I’ve not been walking as much as I’d like – the show is keeping me fit enough at the moment.  Although, I did get a great walk in the other day in Centennial Park and it’s nice to get a change of scenery whenever and where ever possible.  I had promised myself that I’d go down to Bondi and check out the annual ‘Sculptures by the Sea’ this year.  Such great creativity and imagination in the sculptures.

And the show, of course, is our Disco inferno show which has been doing very well.  Folks come along to party and dance their butts off which is always good to see!

It won’t be long before we start shopping for Christmas gifts. It seems not long ago that I was mentioning the unmentionable “present shopping for Christmas”.  Yikes!!! How time flies when you are having fun.  Personally, I can’t wait.  Love me some Christmas holiday vibes – everyone seems so cheerful and kind to one another.

Take good care of one another and hug somebody just because, catch-up with some friends and watch a great movie together and don’t forget to share that chocolate around.  And have a sleep over with someone you love –  Deni and I are planning one in the not too distant future.  I tell ya, even when they’re all grown, there’s nothing like watching your child sleep.

Much love to you and yours as always.



Photo credit: 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne


  1. Peter Alford says:

    Hi Marcia been a fan of your’s since the 70’s great u r still in the business fantastic voice. I’m a musio well I hang around musio’ I play drum’s have been for 40 odd year’s and at 67 I’m still playing. Born and bread in Melbourne but now I’m retired have moved to Qld on the coast love swimming and I walk every day along the beach I like to keep myself fit I do jim and water arobics tai chi play golf. Like u I’m not in relationship’s long I have two daughter’s one live’s in Sydney the other live’s in London. I do community radio Friday 12 to 3pm keep’s me out of trouble well I’ ll be off to the studio soon love and leave you keep safe God bless.

  2. david says:

    Hi Marcia,
    Thanks for Your blog news.
    Interestingly you mentioned the Sculptures by The Sea Exhibition. I will be visiting Bondi this weekend and the exhibition. I would loved to have been at your show in Wantirna Sth this weekend otherwise. Have a great show. Regards David.

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