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Apia Concert Tour Here I Come!

Hello all! I hope that my message finds you and all those you love enjoying these last summer months as well as having a great time over the holiday season. Wow, and what a season it was. I had the pleasure of being with good friends and family which meant eating and laughing till our hearts were content. After all, that’s what it’s all about – wonderful friends, close family, blood or otherwise, and shared and special memories. I got to spend some time overseas with Deni and Daniel which was a hoot. We ate and shopped and ate some more. Thailand will do that to ya. Shopping is also fun there so a bit of time was spent doing that… such a special and enjoyable place to spend time. Great to get away indeed.

I had some big gigs to finish the year on, both at the opera house, firstly for NYE which was a big show in itself. The great thing about doing gigs like that is that you get to catch up with lots of people from the business that you don’t see so much. So that was a gas. And the fireworks this year were beautiful.


Next stop, the big gig for Australia Day once again at the opera house. This time it was really a huge catch up.

I just adore working with John Foreman, he was at the helm and that in itself is comforting, one of the most talented and kind people I know!


This gig was huge with Guy Sebastian, Casey Donovan, Anthony Callea, Dami Im, John Paul Young, Christine Anu and Tom and Chris just to name a few. I mean what a line up.  We all had a memorable Australia Day and I hope that you did too.

Australia Day Concert 2017 at the Sydney Opera House. Picture by Salty Dingo 2016 © SALTY DINGO

The Apia concerts are beginning to shape up for later on in the year with the usual suspects, lol. You can have a look on my website and find out more about what we are cooking up.

Well the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting slightly cooler. Enjoy what’s left of this year’s summer y’all.


I hope that you got to see that beautiful blue moon the other night, jaw-droppingly stunning.


OK that’s me for now.


Hug somebody and just share a good laugh with a couple of friends.


And when you’re laughing – make sure that you share some of that chocolate around.


Much love.



Excited for the upcoming December shows! 🎶

Hello all,

I hope that my message finds you and all those you love happy and well and getting ready for Christmas and the coming new year.

Wow, what a year it’s been! Talk about full-on and busy, though it’s been amazing! The time spent with the ‘VELVET’ family was such a buzz and we all took such good care of one another. I miss these guys – some of the best people I’ve ever worked with and I wish each of them all the very best for Christmas and for whatever 2018 and the future may hold for them!

The band and I have just finished our time aboard the Radiance of the Seas for ‘Cruise N Groove 2017’. A total hoot, the shows were fantastic and the people who came along on the cruise were a party loving bunch of folks. All concerned had a ball and here’s to the next time y’all.

Whilst most folks start to wind down for Christmas, the band and I are ramping-up! This coming Friday we’re performing at Karralyka Theatre in Melbourne, followed by a show at The Palms at Crown on Saturday night. Get tickets here. We’ve also got the ‘A Day on the Green’ gigs around the country in December which I’m really looking forward to with Adam (percussionist) and Chris and Tom (backing singers and general vibe meisters) on stage with me. We’ve also got something fun planned for New Years Eve in Sydney – stay tuned for more details.

I’m also looking forward to spending time with all of my friends and family over the Christmas period – eating, laughing and talking about the year that was is what it’s all about!

I hope that you will be surrounded by those you love and who are dear to you. Share the good times and eat, drink and be merry y’all. Have yourselves a ‘Merry Little Christmas’ as the song says.

Chocolate this time of the year tastes better than ever LOL! Hug somebody just because, pay a compliment and smile at someone because it feels good, and be kind not because it’s the holiday season, just be kind…

Sending you all much love,

Peace xxxxoooo

Hello from New Zealand!

Blog Post: Hello from Christchurch y’all.

I’m really enjoying this beautifully resilient and art-filled city. I lived here many, many years ago, in a house on the River Avon when I was touring with Harry M Miller’s version of the stage show “Hair”. Harry insisted that we travel by bus around the country as we were doing the North and South Islands and New Zealand is still one of the most beautifully scenic places that I’ve had the pleasure to visit. 

Our visit to New Zealand means we’re coming to the end of the VELVET season, and what a ride it’s been. It’s been such a good and strong ensemble and we’ve become family and the cast and crew will remain forever in my heart. From Christchurch, we head to Auckland on 21 September through until 1 October and then back home to our family and friends.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’d like to thank y’all for the love and support that you’ve all shown us where ever we’ve gone. 

We’ve met so many amazing people, and I had the honor of meeting Lady and Sir Bob Parker the other night.  What a special and kind couple. 

I’m sitting back stage at the moment listening to a show called “Starman” it sounds so great. Bowie’s music lives! Geesh did I have a crush on him or what? What a clever and talented artist he was. I miss him terribly.

Take good care of one another please, laugh out loud ‘cause ya can, kiss and cuddle ‘cause it feels good. And if someone is game enough to show you kindness, give some right back ‘cause it feels great! And share some chocolate – ohh yeah!!!

See y’all around the ‘hood soon or at one of my many gigs coming up, including Cruise N Groove which sets sail for the South Pacific in October and A Day on the Green which tours Australia in December!

Sending much love from “over the ditch”.

Peace, Marcia


Blog Post: Hello all, I hope that my message finds you and all those you love and hold close happy and well.

Our Melbourne season ended last Sunday and after a wonderful stay in that outstanding city we have finally arrived back home in Sydney.  We all shopped and enjoyed all that Melbourne had to offer. What a great place! Thank you to all of the people that I encountered along the way and to the audiences that came along to see VELVET.

As I write this to y’all I’m sitting in my mother’s chair looking out at the ocean on a clear and beautiful Sydney winter’s day. It’s soooo good to be back in my own home and as they say, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. And let me tell y’all truer words have never been spoken!

One of my favourite things to do when I’m back home is getting up early to go to the Sydney Markets at Flemington. I’ve missed my plants and it’s time to get some new ones. The people at the markets are wonderful and they always give me good advice on what to buy and what not to buy. There is something special about people who grow fresh produce and plants.

I’m also looking forward to catching up with my friends and family and catching up on all the news. It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed during the Sydney season of VELVET which begins on 27 July at the Roslyn Packer Theatre. I hope to see y’all there.

Well, that’s me for now.  The weekend is almost upon us and if it rains I’m good, and if the sun shines I’m good. Bottom line is I’m just happy to be home (for now anyway)!

We move on to the land of the Long White Cloud after our season in Sydney. And being the gypsy that I am, I’ll be ready to move across to New Zealand by then. LOL.

Take good care of one another, give a hug just because, share a laugh because it feels good, and find any excuse eat some chocolate…

Sending much love.

Peace, Marcia

Thank you Newcastle, Hello Melbourne 🎤

Blog Post: Hello all,

I hope that my message finds y’all well, happy and warm. Winter has definitely come ‘a knocking. I adore these cooler nights and clear days.

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end and our season in Newcastle finishes on Sunday night. We’ve had a ball. The crowds have been great and the time spent catching-up with a few friends has been a hoot. Shopping on Darby St and in some of the malls have been so much fun. It’s been an absolute pleasure to come back – thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the love at the show and when I’ve been out and about.

Next, I’m off to Melbourne. VELVET opens at The Palms at Crown next Friday and we’re there through until 2 July.  I’m so looking forward to seeing all you Melbournites there! Bring your disco attitude and some friends along. It’s party time!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and spoil a friend, because you can. Get and give as many hugs as possible. Kiss somebody you like, just because. 

And have a night in and indulge – this is certainly chocolate season. Enjoy!

Much love, peace, Marcia

I’m back in Newcastle with VELVET! 😊

Blog Post: Hey y’all,

I hope that my message finds you and all those you love happy, well and enjoying this cooler (and wetter) weather.  We’ve now moved on to Newcastle and boy did we have some fun driving up from Canberra – Joey drove whilst Tom and I amused him by trying to work out the Bluetooth system in the car. We talked, played some good music and laughed all the way here with only one stop for food and petrol.  There was a lot of early morning fog as we left Canberra and WOW, the countryside really did look enchanting.

We opened in Newcastle on the 18th and we’re having a ball – the audiences are loving the show which is always a plus. And it’s nice to be back up here, catching up with some old friends.  I’ve just spoken to one of my old neighbours, Janelle, who was always so good and kind to me when I lived up here. We used to spend Christmas Day with her and her husband, Jeff, and all the family. I’ve also seen a couple of other people that I used to hang out with. It’s so good to catch-up after all this time. It’s been quite a few years.

My poor foot is getting better everyday. As I sit here I’m icing it and it’s just one of the 2 to 3 times I have to ice it each day. You gotta do what ya gotta do, but boy is it helping!

Enjoy these cooler evenings, cuddle up because you can and kiss some one that you adore, just because.

It’s now time for some serious chocolate catch up – ENJOY!

Hope to see you at one of our shows here in Newcastle. 

Much love to y’all.  Peace, Marcia

Hello from Canberra, VELVET is in town 💫

Blog Post: Hello all, I hope that my message finds you and all those you love and hold dear happy and well.

We are now in Canberra after finishing up what was a huge week. We drove down from Wollongong, had a day off, did tech runs for a couple of days, had a preview show and then BOOM – we were into our opening night of VELVET and what a night it was – Canberra welcomed us with open arms. Thank you to everyone from the nation’s capital who came to see the show, the season here so far has been wonderful. This photo is from our show at Canberra Theatre Centre on Sunday evening – I took this about 5 minutes before going on stage for the last of our shows for the week.

Thankfully, it’s my day off tomorrow – ah sleep, life’s sweet elixir !!!

Go hug somebody just because, kiss someone because it’s a nice thing to do. And let’s lay off the chocolate for just one more week. Sending much love to y’all as always. Peace, Marcia.

Easter Festivities In Wollongong!

Blog Post: Hello all, I hope that my message finds you, and those you love, happy and well.  I hope you’re recovering from your Easter egg comas!

The cast and crew of VELVET had an Easter egg hunt in the Spiegletent which was a lot of fun and were all hooting and hollering with glee.  I think that Tom found the most eggs though we shared them all along with the ones that were waiting for us in our dressing rooms.  I think that there’s something so special about never letting go of the child inside. 

Well, we’ve been in Wollongong for just over two weeks with another two weeks to go and we’ve had a great time.  Next we’re off to Canberra.  The time seems to be just flashing by with me in my stilettos each night on stage then the moon boot and a wee bit of physio daily.  All-in-all I’m doing what I’ve been told by Dr Fisher and my Achilles is getting better and better.  Phew, ‘cause this moon boot is a lot to carry about!  Not too long now …

One of the great things about performing in festivals is that we get to see some very talented people. Tim Rodgers (you’ll remember him from the band You Am I) performed in the tent the other night and he was so cool – talk about a great lyricist and he has such commanding stage presence as well!  Emma Pask, one of our great Jazz singers, also did a show earlier in the week and I’m telling you her voice is sublime.

Ok that’s me for now. Tell someone that cha love ‘em just because, hug some one that needs encouragement, because they’ll appreciate it.  And just for now let’s lay off the chocolate – just for a week or so – as it’ll taste even better with a wee break.  LOL. 

Sending you all much love.  Peace.  Marcia.

Looking forward to bringing VELVET to Wollongong this month.

Blog Post: Hello all! I hope that my blog finds you happy and well.

We have just finished our month-long season of Velvet in Hobart and I fell in love with that beautiful city all over again. The weather was absolutely beautiful with so many days filled with sunshine and much laughter! Thank you to the people who came along to see VELVET – it was wonderful to see you all there each night!

The cast and crew made the most of the great weather, and we were out each day enjoying some exercise including quite a bit of tennis (a game I love). Though, on one of our outings, I had a wee accident and fractured my Achilles. A couple of great physios and doctors got me back on my feet so that I was able to perform on that very evening … stilettos and all. Thank you! And thanks also to the cast and everyone backstage.

I am now home enjoying a couple of days’ rest before we head down to Wollongong on Friday where VELVET will play at the Merrigong Theatre through until 30 April. For those of you in the South Coast, I look forward to seeing y’all there and make sure you’re ready to boogie!

I’m just as excited that Easter is almost here. Who said chocolate??? I did that’s who! LOL.

In the meantime, hug somebody because it is such a great feeling to give and get hugs.

Sending much love to you and all those you love ❤️

Peace. Marcia.

Looking forward to getting back to Hobart!

Blog post: Hello all,

As I write this I am looking out at the rain, savouring my bed and enjoying just being in the space I call home!

We depart for Hobart on Wednesday for a whole month.  Back in the day I lived in Hobart and Launceston whilst we were doing “Hair”, and not long ago I went back to Tassie for a holiday.  It’s such a great place filled with beautiful scenery and some of the finest restaurants and fishing spots in Australia.  I know because I checked out as many as we could during our stay!

It’s going to be much colder than the other places we’ve been so far which I don’t mind at all.  I hope that we’ll be able to get some tennis in and a wee bit of sightseeing as well.  From what I’ve been told Hobart is almost as excited to us as we are about coming down to do VELVET in the Spiegeltent!  It’s gonna be fantastic to share some of what I know about Tassie with the cast members and learn a little bit more myself about Hobart.  I’ve already checked out nail salons, lash extensions and all the things that we girls will be needing to keep up our beauty routines – LOL.  There’s a lot of work that goes into being a girl, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope that your weekend was good to ya and you laughed with some friends and hugged someone just because.

By the way, I have a couple of questions that I’d appreciate y’all to answer for me – What does the word ‘romantic’ mean to you?  And are men as romantic as woman?  Or, do women have a different interpretation to the word?  All I’m sayin’ is I look forward to what y’all have to share!

Easter is just around the corner which means Chocolate is almost gonna be more than plentiful.  So stock up y’all!

In the meantime, take good care of yourself and all those you love and care for.

Sending much love as always. Peace. Marcia

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