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Hello from God’s country

My Weekly Blog:

I’m spending some down time at GAIA, Olivia Newton Johns health retreat. It’s wonderful up here, the air is clean the food is so incredibly healthy and the people who work here are second to none. I had some much needed reflexology on my second day, along with an empowering yoga class, topped off with a game of tennis in the evening.  I was stiff as a board the next day, but happy as. A very old and dear friend is part owner and GM of GAIA. Gregg has always had a gift when it comes to interior design and making things look and feel good, and he’s outdone himself here at GAIA. The moment you walk in you feel at home and at peace. The grounds are beautifully kept, the air is fresh and the vibe is welcoming. If a rest is what’s needed then you’re sure to get that here. The food is healthy and the kitchen is a beautiful smelling place, fresh juices, healthy cupcakes and great meals are to be had here. My suite looks over a large macadamia farm that sits on a hill in the distance. Last night just at dusk I saw a wood pigeon – I’ve not seen one before, such a pretty colour (a kind of brown). There are several owls on the property too.


I’ve been listening to a lot of music over the last few days. I drove up here from Sydney and I’ve always found the car to be a great place to listen to music. On my way up I checked out a lady called Tracy Hamlin. She’s done a remake of one of my very favourite singers hits called “Never Too Much”, the singers name is Luther Vandross – my oh my what a talented vocalist.  I was speaking to someone overseas and I happened to mention Luther – we both said how we believe that Luther’s version of Burt Bacharach’s song “A House Is Not A Home” is the ultimate version of this song. If you like a good tear jerker and a singer that sings beyond heartfelt, then please check out this jam.


I want to send a big shout out to the “Smooth” family. We did much work last week and it was well worth it.  It’s great to be working with such a talented, kind and dedicated team. Thanks for always having my back.


The weekend is almost upon us – I hope that yours is a good one. Much love. Peace.



Marcia Hines – Interview with Wayturner

Waytuner talks to Marcia Hines about love and her greatest passion, music.

1. It’s been 20 years since your last original music album, what inspired you to write again?

Marcia Hines: The timing was right for the writing of “Amazing”. Ron E Jones and Tom Diesel and I, found something really magical between the three of us. Honestly each and every day that we wrote was an absolute pleasure, and now we are writing for several other people as well as for me.

2. The album ‘Amazing’ has a message of love and how beautiful love is. Is it ever difficult to express or interpret such strong emotions into words?

Marcia Hines: Writing about love is what we do. The great thing about penning the album was getting a man’s point of view and then mixing it all up with mine. I learned much from the guys (smile).

3. ‘Amazing’ also touches on how people see love and that guys can see things differently from girls. We hear you did a little cafe spy work to obtain some of this material, can you tell us about that?

Marcia Hines: I did do just a wee bit of cafe spying, which was another eye opener! I won’t say too much about that cause I want to be welcomed back to my usual haunt for coffee, but all in all very interesting.

4. You are seen as a strong woman and a great role model for women to look up to. If there was one message that your audience could take away from this album what would that be?

Marcia Hines: “Life is for living, and to thine own self be true” or “go on girl you can do it, it’s only life there’s nothing to it, it’s just the seeing through it from the inside” (from the song “From The Inside”). We are an amazingly strong and wonderful spices. Know it, then own it.

CLICK HERE to read the full interview on www.wayturner.com!

This Week With Marcia

My Blog Entry:

I’m sitting here in the peaceful grounds of The Sydney Hospital on Macquarie St. I’ve got an appointment that I’m early for so I decided to park my butt here and write my weekly blog.

Let me start by saying thank you to all of you who tuned into Smooth to watch the Mother’s Day Special with Deni and I. We’ve had some great feedback from the show, which is always a nice thing. I heard a fantastic new singer on Smooth. Once again, he stopped me in my tracks when I heard his voice. Sam Smith. A young man from the mother country. Check him out if you can. 

This week has been cold, I saw one of my walking buddies Belinda and she asked me where I’ve been? She even commented on me being a wuss seeing I come from Boston and all. (Where have I been? Under the covers!) I opened an exhibition for my friend Ernie Dingo on Monday night. It was a joy to introduce his beautiful work to the people who attended. You go boy! I’m mighty proud of you.

Also I’d like to wish my dear friend Rona Happy Birthday for this month. Have a good one my dear.

Okay that’s me for now. Much love and peace….


Marcia Hines – Interview with Auspop

Marcia Hines is an Australian music industry legend. She’s enjoyed a career spanning more than four decades in Australia, has been a popular star of both stage and screen and has even been honoured as a member of the Order of Australia for her services to the entertainment industry.
Beyond all that, of course, is Marcia’s extraordinary back catalogue. She’s released a slew of popular albums since her debut ‘Marcia Shines’ 40 years ago, the most recent of which is ‘Amazing’, to be released next Friday.
Staggeringly it’s 20 years since Marcia’s last album of originals, so with such a momentous occasion upon us, we asked Australia’s Queen of Soul what’s taken her so long to gift us another.

“What is it they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’,” Marcia begins. “In the interim there’s all this stuff that goes on. We’re continually trying to think of something that’s going to be good to do and something that the general public’s going to dig.

CLICK HERE to read the FULL interview on Auspop


Marcia Hines

Amazing is an uncompromising album, full of deep, heartfelt moments, where her royal Hines-ness shows a very intimate and tender side. There is pop in there, but this release focuses mainly on love. And, poignantly, laments on love lost. Lyrically, Hines is not scared to let her feelings show. Musically and, most vitally, vocally, there is plenty to cleave to. Written by Hines, Ron E. Jones and producer Tom Diesel, you get Hines’ capacity to impress with power and to charm with delicacy. Look out for the playful duet with Russell Crowe.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/marcia-hines-amazing-20140320-355o1.html#ixzz2wYeTKaPd

Pre order a signed copy of ‘AMAZING’ now from the following outlets:
You can also pre oder the album on iTunes here: http://ow.ly/u58iz


Amazing, the first album of original songs from the legendary Marcia Hines to be released in 20 years, will be out at the beginning of April.

We had a sneaky copy of the record arrive on our desk recently and were struck by one song in particular, which sees the legendary singer joined by a very famous friend; none other than iconic Australian blockbuster actor – and musician in his own right – Russell Crowe.

The two duet on a track called Remedy, Check it out below.

CLICK HERE to read the full article on The Music.com.au

New Single ‘Amazing’ OUT NOW on iTunes

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Australia’s beloved Marcia Hines returns with her brand new single AMAZING, bringing her undeniable talent to the recording studio once again for her most personal work to date. Sizzling at 60, Marcia shows no sign of stopping as she showcases her songwriting, co-production and vocal skills on this feel-good summer track and prepares for the forthcoming release of her first album of original songs in 20 years. The album AMAZING is scheduled for release April 4, 2014 and sees the ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Marcia blending her iconic voice and charm into a range of songs like you have never heard before!


CLICK HERE to download AMAZING on iTunes!

Marcia Hines



Marcia Hines To Lead New Foxtel Music Channel – Smooth

Monday 4 November 2013

Foxtel today announced that Australian music icon, Marcia Hines, is joining the new music channel, SMOOTH, as a host and face of the channel.

With a career spanning four decades, Marcia Hines is one of Australia’s most recognisable voices. An ARIA Hall of Fame honouree, she has released thirteen studio albums, achieved gold and platinum sales, was awarded an Order of Australia and is no stranger to television audiences.
An adult contemporary music channel, SMOOTH is a television extension of Australia’s fastest growing radio brand, dmg Radio’s smoothfm, and launches nationally on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.
The ultimate music destination and an easy place to relax to and escape, SMOOTH will deliver a range of programming such as concert specials, countdowns and music videos from iconic artists such as Madonna, Michael Bublè, Adele, Whitney Houston, Fleetwood Mac, Robbie Williams, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.
Shaun James, General Manager Music Channels said: “Marcia Hines is one of Australia’s most celebrated and respected musicians and she brings to SMOOTH both her artistic credentials and extensive knowledge and passion for music. We know that our viewers are going to love her and we’re delighted to welcome her to the Foxtel family.”
Marcia Hines said: “Firstly I’m very excited, I know that I’m going to enjoy working on SMOOTH. Music has been a very large part of my life and continues to be, and to me, a day without music is what I call a sad day. So here’s to many days filled with good music and great memories.’

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