The silly season has begun!

Blog Post: Hello all!

As I write this message to you I am on a Virgin flight heading for Melbourne. The guys and I have been crazy busy and it’s fantastic to be doing so many shows, many of them private Christmas functions. Yes, it really is the ‘Silly Season’ though as y’all would be aware I adore Christmas.

It’s a little early, but I turned on my Christmas lights two days ago. I had to hold myself back from doing it sooner! I was listening to the radio station out of my hometown of Boston and they announced that the lights on the big tree in the middle of town were to be turned on last Sunday, so I thought why not, I’ll put mine on also!!! Obviously the nine-year-old in me is alive and well and happy because Christmas is coming. People always seem happier and cheerful during the holiday season!!!

My goddaughter Ciel is also a huge fan of Christmas – I filmed the lights and sent her a video and she sent me the cutest voice message saying “thank you”.

I’ve only bought a few gifts, I’d better get a move on and finish up before the big day is upon us, though here’s an idea for a great gift – a stocking filled with chocolate! Lol …

Much love and peace,



  1. Linda Garner says:

    Have a lovely time over Christmasl and New Year. Hope Santa is especially kind to you….ohhh and lots chocs too of corse. Miss seeing you around Whitebridge Redhead area…all the best wishes

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