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Kmart Inspired Living Range launch – August 2018

A night out at the Kmart Inspired Living Range launch – August 2018.

The all new Kmart Inspired Living range launched tonight in truly spectacular fashion at their Chadstone, Melbourne headquarters! A warehouse was converted into a fully constructed and interior decorated home!

There were an incredible amount of fabulously stylish people at the event including team members from Real Living, Mammamia, Home Beautiful and tons of awesome, talented Kmart lovers!

Terra Rosa is my new favourite colour!

Marcia Hines at Kmart Australia Inspired Living – August 2018 launch event


I wandered through the creatively and thoughtfully decorated space and thought to myself,

Glamour doesn’t need to break the bank.

I’ve known this for a long time, and my love for the affordable glamour offered by Kmart is a testament to this fact. It’s so brilliant that hard working people can deck out their homes in all the latest trends at a price that makes it really affordable to enjoy the pleasure of a comfy and creative home. The kids sections are always a treat and I saw some of my all time favourite pieces like the Aloha wall lamp and the mermaid cushion – so sweet.

What struck me the most as I chatted to the creatives who attended the night was that Kmart has truly become the cornerstone for what it means to be your best self Рon a budget. You can create spaces for yourself, and more importantly your children that allow you to give them inspirational spaces to grow without needing to stretch the budget beyond what is affordable. No wonder people have such a passion for Kmart!

It’s not about the price tag, it’s all about the style.

Like every Kmart shopping experience – we are gonna need a bigger trolley for all the pieces I love and want! Here’s a peek into what will be heading to my home in the next few weeks. I can’t wait to see it all in my house!

This is not a review endorsed by Kmart. I just looooooooove their stuff!