VELVET is kicking off this week in Perth!

Blog Post: Hello all!

Greetings from Perth where I’m sitting in a cool, air conditioned dressing room.  I’m here with the cast and crew of VELVET which opens tomorrow night (Friday) as part of the Fringe World Festival and we’re all doing our best to acclimatise to this dry heat.  We’ve done a couple of full runs of VELVET before our first night and in fact it’s the first time we’ve done the show in a Spiegel tent and it’s looking great!   Kayla and Tom have been thrown into the deep-end and they are swimming very nicely I’m pleased to say.  Now all we need is a big audience and we’ll all be on our VELVET journey for 2017!  I can’t wait until we open.

Our accommodation here is great and the bedrooms are nice and dark (I was informed that’s because of how many miners are in town).  And to be honest, a good bedroom is a dark one when needed!  Perth is our home for the next month and we’ve found some cool places to eat nearby and as each day passes, when time allows, we are all out and about exploring our hood and beyond!

I left Sydney for Perth earlier this week, but managed to get in a big day of filming with my buddy Cameron for Foxtel Smooth before the flight.  Always such good fun.

Before I finish, I want to brag a bit and tell y’all that Deni has a #8 chart position on the UK Soul Charts with ‘The Soul Sessions’.  Who’s a proud Mum?  Me, that’s who!

Now, we have another tech run this evening so I’d better get it together and start prepping.

Take good care of one another and if you happen to be in the same city as VELVET please come along and have a fun night out.  Get and give as many hugs as possible, boogie even when someone’s watching, share a laugh with a friend and pull out some of that chocolate you’ve been stashing LOL.

Much love. Peace. Marcia


  1. Lara Denver says:

    Oh Ms. Hines I’m embarrassed now. In the shop today I was thinking how familiar you looked, but you were in Perth, really short (I mean fun-size like me), and looking 35! Blimey I would have really enjoyed meeting you if I had known it was happening. Oh dear. Great to hear you’re back in little old Perth.

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